Ditech Is Staffed By Idiots

A rather strong claim, I know. My evidence? In the middle of the current sub-prime mortgage meltdown, Ditech (or GMAC, the parent company) is running ads trying to convince people to re-fi, take out equity, and get a credit card in what they call their Triple Threat Option or some such nonsense. The tagline they're using in the ad campaign?
People Are Smart
I would think the sub-prime mortgage catastrophe currently taking Ditech's industry into the bowels of hell would be all the proof somebody would need to realize that in fact, most people are morons. For further evidence, see the whole of recorded history. I certainly don't want to trust my finances to any company so clueless. I wish Ditech luck, as every day people are demonstrating beyond any hope of refutation their slogan is wrong. Maybe they should bring Ned back...



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