So the claims against the government for Katrina have officially reached the "fucking absurd" level. Previously, we were at "goddamned stupid". Even leaving out the asinine git who thought that $3 quadrillion was even a number that made sense, there's way too much money being claimed. $14 trillion is greater than the US gross domestic product, and for that kind of money, I could drain the Louisiana swamps, turn the place into Disney World, give everybody in Louisiana and Mississippi a new house, and still have money left to give hookers and blow to every elected official on the Gulf Coast. Plus, I could profit tidily from skimming off the top to the point my descendants wouldn't have to work until the sun goes dark.

I hope all you people in North Dakota (all 6 of you) and the rest of the country appreciate having to pay for generations of Gulf Coast residents refusing to understand the weather. However much the fed doles out, it's too much.

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