Who Wants to Be a Candidate?

So the primary ballot is out for the Harris County GOP. I’ll skip the big race at the top, the one with Alan Keyes… wait, what? Alan Keyes? How’d that happen? What is this, 2000?

Anyhow, moving down to the CD 22 race, here’s the final list of candidates:

  • Pete Olson
  • John Manlove
  • Jim Squier
  • Shelley Sekula Gibbs
  • Brian Klock
  • Ryan Rowley
  • Kevyn Bazzy
  • Robert Talton
  • Cynthia Dunbar
  • Dean Hrbacek

My response to most of the names above is a befuddled: who the fuck? However, most of them have websites or contact information. If you’re really curious, you can go check it out. I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict a win by the Pinkster. It comes down to her or Talton, and I think she has better name recognition across the entire district. I think Jim Squier might have a chance. He put out a couple of good songs in the 80s, but he has to make people forget about that horrible hairdo he had back then. I’m not sure how the whole former rock star thing is going to play in this district… what’s that? My sources inform me I’m thinking of Billy Squier, not Jim. Ignore that last bit. Cynthia Dunbar has nothing up yet, but is on the State Board of Education. One source of questionable reliability says she's Cato Institute oriented, but I have my doubts.

I’m gonna stick with my prediction that Pinky takes the nod after March 4th, depressing as that may be.



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