What is Your Capital?

The Time for Liberty

What has been the most interesting aspect of this Presidential campaign from the perspective of a libertarian leaning conservative, or a conservative leaning libertarian (either way) is that we've really gotten a good take on where peoples' "capitals" lie. Are you a capital C Conservative, or a capital R Republican? There are so many people who claimed to be conservatives first and not Republican party loyalists, who have proven themselves intellectually dishonest with the nomination of John McCain.

Well, not I.

I am a Catholic, a Constitutionalist, and a Conservative Libertarian...in that order. I have never missed a Republican primary since the age of 18 and have always voted for Republican party candidates because I believed that they held the closest values to my own. This November, there are many Republican candidates who will get my support and my vote. John McCain is not one of them.

A vote for Bob Barr is not a vote for the creepy communist B. Hussein Obamessiah...and Mr. Barr is not diverting votes from John McCain. Those of us who have chosen to support Mr. Barr would've never voted McCain under any circumstance. We are tired of the lesser of two evils. We are ready to truly change the course of America.



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