Comedy Gold Mine Erupts

As much as I despise their politics, goals, and ideology, I would like to take a moment to applaud the Green Party for the service they have provided all of us. By nominating Cynthia McKinney as their presidential candidate, they have guaranteed some great comic moments will occur this election season. Well done, Greens. Y'all aren't any closer to getting anyone to take you seriously, but you've made sure people will pay attention, if only to see what kind of disaster will ensue.

This is going to be comedy gold, I tell you. I can't wait for the whackjob conspiracy theories and punching of random people. Remember who to blame when she loses, folks. It's not the American public ignoring the watermelon crazies. It's the J.E.W.S!

I'll also note the VP candidate, Rosa Clemente, apparently doesn't realize she's not running against the current administration. In her remarks at the convention, she noted she was ready to debate Dick Cheney. Which is fine and all, but since he's not running for anything, I don't see why he would. Maybe she should be willing to debate McCain's VP pick, whoever that turns out to be. Or she could debate Wayne Root now. That'd be some quality debatin', right there.

In any event, we'll see what happens with the crazies. Further updates when they cross my radar again.

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