Flabbergasted Am I

A stunning array of companies makes tactical accessories for various and sundry forms of guns. Even the casual observer should quickly figure out all of the spiffy so-called tactical stuff cannot possibly be going to the military and law enforcement community. Too much stuff exists and is being made for that to be true. So who buys all the excess?

I could be all non-threatening and PC and say “firearms enthusiasts” or “shooting sports aficionados” but that would be bullshit. It’s gun nuts. Gun nuts buy all the tacticool gear. You may disagree with the term, but you know the type. In general, it’s a collection of people with an avowed commitment to the 2nd Amendment and an abiding distrust of the government. In other words, people like me. If you can equip an infantry squad out of your gun safe, you probably qualify.

If the people I just described are existing and potential customers, why on earth would you print a catalog with an endorsement from Lon Horiuchi on the back page? Did you just wake up and eat a big bowl of stupid for breakfast before approving the catalog proofs? Did you think we all forgot about Ruby Ridge? I sure hope HS Precision has lots of .gov contracts, because their business from individuals just came to a screeching halt. I dunno if HS Precision can crawfish enough to get out of the mess. In any event, I am reasonably certain any company so clueless about their customer base probably doesn't deserve to survive.

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