Random Friday Links

So, for your weekend enjoyment, a collection of odds and sods I dredged up from the intertubes today or earlier in the week.

Somebody must have dealt with people like the ones in my MBA program. The whole "I worked really hard so I deserve an A" mentality just grates on me. Guess what? You can work really hard at polishing a turd, but at the end of the day, you're still left with a turd.

We (both J and I) have similar disappointments in the family tree, so we can relate.

Tax increases will help the economy? Not so much. A co-author seems to have forgotten this bit of research, or can't explain it to her boss.

How's that Drug War bullshit working out for people? Pretty goddamned poorly, it appears. Somehow, I can't help but think I would've gotten sent to jail for much, much longer.

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