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So, the keen-eyed and observant follower of little corner of the Web may have noticed an update to our sidebar. Off to the side under Previous Posts is a section called The Library. The link below, cleverly titled "Our books", goes to the Library Thing account.

A while ago I did an import from Readerware into Library Thing and got 1260 books into LT. Most of the books are there, but with some odd quirks. Given that Readerware reports around 1400 books, obviously they didn't all make it from one database to the next. At some point in my copious free time, I'll try to figure out why. I think getting my Readerware database straight takes priority, though.

In the meantime, you can peruse a list of many of the fine volumes we have at YPS Manor. Didn't some body once say something about what you read determines who you are? If so, have a little insight into what makes us tick.

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