Ask A Silly Question

So, in class yesterday I learned about conflict resolution. None of the material covered on the subject was new, since it was covered in painful detail in some interminable class about managing people in B-school. However, some of you might have a need for the information, so I thought I‘d share. Sharing is good, right?

One of the issues in conflict resolution is effective communications. The key to effective communication is feedback. One way of getting feedback and ensuring your message gets through is to ask questions. So, in order to help you, gentle reader, I offer some questions you can use to make sure everyone understands each other.
  • Are you retarded?
  • Do you not understand English?
  • How much crack did you smoke this morning?
  • Why did you think that was a good idea?
  • Who gives a crap what you think?
  • What color is the sky on your planet?
  • Why don’t you go back to wherever the hell it is you came from?
  • What the f**k is wrong with you people?
I urge everyone to use these questions in your efforts to resolve conflict and improve communication. Let me know how that works for you.



Blogger TheWayfarer said...

You're not a Marine Corps Drill Instructor by any chance, are you?

7:07 PM  
Blogger T said...

No, but a long time ago I was a Sergeant in the 82d Airborne. The attitude is much the same.

7:56 PM  

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