Buying Votes

Thank you Senator Tom Coburn (R-Smarter than me) for today's little epiphany. I've been trying to figure out what's up with these Congresscritters who are voting for this Obamanation of socialism they're calling "health care" knowing they're going to get beat in November for doing so.

I've been observing this entire deal from the wrong angle. For months I've sworn that Speaker Pelosi has nekkid goat pictures of these guys, but FINALLY I get it. Yeah, sometimes I'm a little slow. Senator Coburn commented today about publicizing favors granted, programs funded, and appointments made in exchange for votes in favor of this thing. He threw down the gauntlet, he's coming for you.

And that's when it hit me: any Donk who votes to pass this bill, who then loses his or her seat in November has been promised a Federal appointment in exchange for his or her vote. Thus, said Critter won't lose his or her job...quite the opposite indeed...Critter gets a lifer gig, in essence a promotion, with tenure. The fix is in and it is a doozy.

My Lord, this HAS GOT to be illegal. Our nation is doomed.

Update: Here's Senator Coburn in action.



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