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So, in keeping with all the usual stereotypes of the libertarian gun-nut, it should surprise none of you that I am a fan of conspiracy theories. Not a believer, mind you, but a fan. I've spent long enough out in the weeds with the crazies and the paranoids to have a fairly exhaustive grasp of the subject. For me, it's amateur cultural anthropology to watch the ideas mutate and recombine with new names slotted into the same old ideas.

As I think I've mentioned before, The Con is really a religious belief for the people who truly believe. Conspiracy theories are a way of making sense out of what is an essentially senseless and uncaring universe. Like all religious beliefs, they're hard to argue against. If you present the theorist with the conventional wisdom, they're likely to reply with "that's what they want you to think".

Having said that, I can now present to you a website which authoritatively states what they want you to think. The official US government debunking of various conspiracy theories! Yay!

After all, when you suspect an organization of killing 3,000 people and lying about it to start a war, you're certainly going to believe them when they tell you they didn't. Right?

I'm sure the government wastes more time and money on dumber things, but I'm equally sure very little the government does has a lower probability of success.

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Blogger TheWayfarer said...

I truly wish it really mattered.
Wars are about money and power, religion is just window dressing.
If you don't at least suspect some kind of conspiracy, follow the money trail and see who stands to benefit most from "Tax, Borrow & Spend, Attourneys Outlaw" in the CRAPitol. It's quite a well-established, international network.

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