Metric Football Finale

You may have noticed a distinct lack of World Cup blogging around here. That's because no one at YPS can be bothered to pay any attention to metric football. Neither can LabRat, but she's funnier than us on the subject:
World Cup: world’s most boring sport being totally ruined by world’s most irritating local tradition. World’s tallest midget protests.
We also give big props to anyone who uses the phrase "world's tallest midget", a frequently used idiom around the Manor. Let this be the final word on the subject until the World Cup rolls around again.

Unless, of course, the US manages to win the damn thing, in which case we will feel obligated to post something about Team America in between paroxysms of laughter.

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Blogger Ted Amadeus said...

Learned earlier today that Dr. KILL-vorkian has come up with a new "assisted suicide" method, wherein the victim is placed in a comfortable recliner, eased back infront of a large TV showing the World Cup matches, until said former patient is bored to death.

1:05 AM  

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