Sometimes a Little Sarcasm Helps Us See Issues More Clearly

I don't think I have anything else to add to this.


Network Effects

You know a nice thing about using an ubiquitous technology product? Somebody has a matching accessory. I'm in an off-site meeting all day, and foolishly left my USB adapter for the iPhone on desk at work. My phone is in danger of dying before the day is out. So, I look around the room and ask if anyone has a cable. Lo and behold, one appears and I can charge my phone.

Try that shit with a Zune, Bill.


Step Right Up

I love the internet. I can now, in mere seconds, become aware of the whining of some wanker who's mad because other people don't think/act exactly likes he thinks they should. While you might think this would be a bad thing, I like because it lets me mock people.

Today's winner is one each Kevin McCullough. He writes books, and he got his panties in a wad about CPAC. In his mind, there's only one way to be a conservative. All these nasty unconservative people showed up at CPAC and made a mockery of what CPAC should be.

Instead, being a disrespectful libertarian, I'm just going to point and laugh at the silly man. Hell, disrespect of people that are unacquainted with the concept of liberty is pretty much what we're all about, and I've got buckets of disrespect handy to sling around. But, hell, what does he expect of "the worst form of political affiliation in the nation"? Manners?

I'd like to point out a few facts to Mr. McCullough. It isn't libertarians who shredded the Constitution to chase executive power and justify whatever crack-addled legislative scheme was briefly popular. It wasn't libertarians who kept expanding social welfare programs and the DOD budget. It wasn't libertarians who eviscerated federalism. I don't recall us agitating to sell out our grandkids for benefits now. Every major problem the country faces right now was brought about with the active complicity or passive collusion of the GOP he thinks, against all evidence, is conservative. Yet, somehow, libertarians are the problem.

I only have one question for Mr. McCullough: When the causes you champion and the politicians you support get crushed at the ballot box, will you blame all the disrespectful libertarians then?

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Never Trust The Internets

At least, not when it comes to online voting. Those of us who have been on the internet more than a day or two may remember the Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf vs. People's online poll episode. Anyone with a brain should have figured out about that time that online polling and voting was susceptible to strange results.

Some people missed the memo. I voted in this poll a few days ago, back when a proposed acronym of GOATSE was coming in second. Apparently somebody in Austin figured out what goatse meant. Shame they didn't figure out why this was a bad idea at the same time.

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Groundrat Day

So, today is Groundhog Day. I find, though exhaustive research (aka five minutes with a search engine), that the groundhog is a marmot. This means it's a large ground squirrel. And what are squirrels? That's right, tree rats. So a groundhog is actually a fat grounded tree rat.

So we're all worked up about whether a fat groundrat sees it's shadow. Wait, what? How ridiculous a holiday is this, anyway? Incidentally, groundhog is another name for woodchuck. Based on the overall appearance of Punxsutawney Phil, that fat little bastard would have problems chucking a twig. So the answer if he's the benchmark is "not much".

I'm celebrating Imbolc or Candlemas or Ayn Rand's Birthday instead. They certainly can't be any more more ridiculous, although they'll certainly be less marmoty.

I have to admit, I kind of like the word marmot, though. So have a marmot of a day and celebrate whatever you think is appropriate.

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