Old School Trolling

Back in the days before the intertubes took over the world, people were engaging in troll behavior. We just never called it that. The activity usually went by the name of screwing with people or playing mindfuck. Being an unpleasant human who has always found it amusing to screw with my fellow man, I've ended up knowing a lot of trolls.

I was reminded of one this morning. One of my friends in high school used to take family vacations to the beach every year. His father would walk down the beach and pick all the shark teeth he could see. Later, upon their return from the beach, his dad would scatter shark teeth all over the backyard in suburban northern Virginia. What made this even more amusing to a 16 year old was the stated motivation: someday, in the distant future, people would find a quantity of shark teeth in the hills of Virginia, miles away from any ocean, and try to figure out WTF happened.

This is obviously a man who planned his trolling well in advance. He'll probably never see the results of his work, but someday, somebody's going to find shark teeth and go "wait, what?". And all I can say to that is "Well done!"

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