Contingency Planning

I was browsing around a bit, in a place I hadn't ventured recently, and came across a recounting of one man's recollection of the Rodney King riots in LA.

This strikes a chord because we are, once again, preparing to relocate YPS Manor.  This time, we're headed in the opposite direction.  We have decided to abandon my cultural heritage of white boy from the 'burbs and move into the city proper.  I doubt we'll see widespread looting and burning in the wake of court cases, but this is the Gulf Coast.  We get hurricanes with disturbing frequency around here. The odds of a Cat 4 spilling over into some level of disturbance as happened in  Katrina aren't real high, but they are appreciably non-zero.

Here's an enduring truth about guns: you never need one until you need one badly.  At that point, it's usually a bit late to try to go get one.  Keeping guns around the house means that should something similar occur in our fair city, we have options other than hide in a corner and hope nothing bad happens.  It's always better to have more options than less, even if you decide not to avail yourself of those options.

Letting someone who lives 1,400 miles away limit your options when they won't have to face your problems never struck me as a real good idea.


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