Clinton on the Stump

Bill Clinton campaigning for Barack Obama does not help Barack Obama.  Almost everyone seems to understand this, Barack Obama doesn't, which is just one more reason that he's not the intellectual heavyweight everyone seems to perceive.

Bill Clinton brings two things to mind for me:

1.  Democrats are pervy bastards who will say or do anything to get elected.  Yes, I know, we already knew that.  As a minor aside, we also get to be reminded that Bill Clinton is a letch...yay.

I guess the new lesson we've all learned this election cycle is that basically Democrats think of nothing anymore except for sex and their private parts.  They appear to believe that men and women are nothing except roving genitalia looking for something to screw without consequence.  If you examine every issue, every ad, and every statement made this cycle by every major supporter and activist, sex and genitalia are the basis of their entire belief system.  Everything will return in one way or another to that, and what a sad and empty existence it must be.  But think about it, sex and private bits are the only area where Democrats want any of us to have any actual freedom either. Run naked and have open sex in the streets if you want, just don't do it with a Big Gulp, a cigarette, or a Snickers bar in your hand, because Democrats want to ban all that.  Oh, and if you can afford any of it, then you're not paying enough taxes.  Now shut up and send all your dough to the Government kiddies, Democrats have a wild humping constituency to bribe.  Oh, and no, Bill Clinton should not run naked in the streets with a Snickers bar, ever.  Stop that.

2.  The economy can be good again and the budget can be balanced if Americans would just elect a President with no core principles and a Republican House and Senate.

Remember the first two years of Bill Clinton and his Donk controlled Congress were so awful, the country handed the entire legislative branch of government to the Republican party?  All that good economy Democrats like to tout during the Clinton years were the direct result of that election.  Republicans controlled the Congress during the good Clinton years.  Clinton became the Republicans' bitch to keep the Presidency, because, fortunately for Clinton the only core principals the man had were to get more blow jobs and keep himself in office.  Say what you will about Barack Obama, but what is undeniable is that he's a hard left ideologue committed to his progressive/commie/socialist ideals all the way to the end.  So, this year, the only guy running for President with no core principles is Mitt Romney.  He's the unslutty Clinton. 

If you liked Clinton (I didn't), you'll love Romney (I don't). So there, that's what Clinton shilling for Obama says to me, and now I'm just going end it how I started. Bill Clinton campaigning for Barack Obama does not help Barack Obama.


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