A Fashion Tragedy

Boy, I do not know where this photo was found. My god, man. What on earth possessed you to leave the house looking like that? Even when I was single, the only way I would have worn that jacket was as a joke. Yet, he is apparently serious. Now? I would get beat if I tried to leave the house looking this atrocious.

No, it doesn't go with the tie. The tie is also an abomination. I'd say he discovered the softer side of Sears, but even Sears couldn't sell that jacket. Maybe his mom made it for him and he felt like he had to wear it at least once? Just tragic.


Blogger J said...

I'd say that guy at least matches and is stylish...in his own idiom. There is a thin red stripe in his plaid that is picked up by his tie. T shouldn't speak so loudly, BTW, I remember him when.

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