Do Your Job

So in addition to the often documented absenteeism, can't these yotzes even be bothered to participate at the most minimal level? Of course, that might offend someone who otherwise might vote for you. Better to abstain rather than risk taking a stand on an issue that might offend.

What makes this even more absurd is that this is the cloture motion. This isn't even a vote on the merits of the resolution. Surely you can make a legitimate argument for voting either way on a cloture motion? Let's try.

To vote for cloture: The issue should be brought to the Senate floor and debated on the merits so voters have a chance to express their opinion.

To vote against cloture: The issue doesn't have 2/3 and won't pass, so we should be moving on to issues that can actually be decided instead of wasting our time on cheap symbolism.

Now was that so difficult? Took me all of five minutes, and I don't have a campaign staff. I guess it's far easier to just not vote and avoid the issue.

(Thanks to Hit & Run for the link.)

Update: It appears, although I am unable to determine definitively, that they weren't actually present. This can all be made simpler. Do your current job instead of trying to get your next one. And if you can't do your current job, quit.


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