History Repeats...

Somebody once said "History doesn't repeat itself; historians merely repeat each other."

some days I agree, some days I don't. Today, I don't. I was going through the archives here at the residences and happened upon an old collection of Pogo comics from '67 and '68. Walt Kelly wandered restlessly along the border between being an editorial cartoonist and a harmless daily strip writer. Sort of like Garry Trudeau used to do, only immensely more talented and with less pretension. A bit of dialogue between Mouse and Congersman Moop struck a chord with me.

Mouse: Y'know they din't give out no peace prize last year... If you got that you'd be a shoo-in.
Congersman Moop: Right! And I deserve it... As a far seein' congersman I fought tooth an' claw against that Tompkins Gulf resolution in 'sixty-four.
Mouse: Y'say you voted against the war games, congersman?
Congersman Moop: To clarify the record, sir, I said I fought like a tiger versus war games.
Mouse: Same thing ain't it?
Congersman Moop: No... I then did my bit, I voted for 'em.

Does this remind you of anyone?


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