Convention Attendees Beware

More proof that this so-called "right to privacy" only exists if you're a leftist, a criminal, a terrorist or if you want to kill a baby. I think we should keep all delegates and attendees to the Republican National Convention in our prayers, because it appears that their safety is not assured.

Update: it appears that indymedia doesn't appreciate the link. So, to find the list, visit here and scroll down the right frame under the heading "Newswire". What you're looking for is this subheader:

"Phone numbers, addresses, and e-mails of over 1600 RNC delegates! Today we are releasing a list of delegates to the 2004 Republican National Conve...20-08-2004 DC"

Yes, you read that correctly. Indymedia is willing to be liable for the physical harm of individuals who disagree with them. Funny, so are the Islamofascists...


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