Olympics Thoughts

We've had the Olympics on at YPS Manor for the past several days. I watch a little bit and then go deal with the sea of paper my desk has become. J has been following more intently than I, mainly because her desk is already much, much neater than mine. I don't follow sports much because I just don't care. The Olympics is always special, although much less than it used to be, so I have a passing interest.

Having said that, let me just mention that NBC's coverage sucks diseased animal peckers. Bob Costas is a grinning dolt that epitomizes hairspray journalism. I don't care about the fact that the person competing was born in a cave under the sewer plant, raised by radioactive lice, overcame this tragic background to become a world record holder, and that the lice would be in the audience except they were held up at customs because they triggered the Geiger counter. I don't fucking care, okay? I want to see the sporting event, not some clueless wank babbling about competitor backstory.

MSNBC and CNBC are doing a much better job with the coverage, as is Bravo. How sad is that? The red-headed step-children are doing better than the corporate parent. More proof, if any were needed, that the networks are dying a slow, painful death. At least some people are getting coverage they like.

On a related note, this has to be a joke. Are the Athens 2004 organizers really that clueless? Let's help the process along, like this guy did.

Flaming Asshats On Parade!
Clueless In Athens!
Some will win, most will lose!

Update: The clueless link pointed to someone else. Since I'm trying to mock the Athens organizers, that just wouldn't work.

Further Update: RightWingDuck has some thoughts on the Olympics over at IMAO. Isn't that called the X-Games?


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