Someday, It'll Be A Bookshelf

Funfurde has a nice description of the Sapien bookshelf. I saw the shelf in the Design Within Reach catalog. Every time I see it, I have the same reaction: pathetically inadequate. Make no mistake, it does look cool. I just need more book shelf than the Sapien is able to provide. I think it's a tragic waste of floor space that a real bookshelf could use.

This doesn't even work as a reference shelf, as one of the commenter's suggested. My references take up more shelf space than this. Some of them would overload the shelf. I think my dictionary alone weighs more than 9 pounds. Ehh, maybe when I'm rich I'll have one of these somewhere it can look pretty and keep the rest of the books in a library room.

It might make a cool nightstand, though.


Blogger J said...

Knowing what T's nightstand looks like...nope, not enough space. T's books BREED.

1:07 PM  

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