A Festival of Something Or Other

In addition to the fabulous travel I've taken for work lately, J and I went up to the booming metropolis of Plantersville last Saturday. Some of you in the Houston area know what that means: we went to the Texas Renaissance Festival. If there's any other reasons to go to Plantersville, I am blissfully unaware of them. It rained briefly right when we arrived, but the weather was perfect for the rest of the day. Not too hot, slightly overcast, perfect weather for Texas in October.

I would like to reiterate one of my long-standing complaints about going to events like this. Americans in general, and Houstonians in particular, are not a skinny group of people. In the aggregate, we're not all that attractive, either. So for the love of whatever god you may have, will you people put on more damn clothes? I do not want or need to see your lumpy cellulite-encrusted cottage cheese selves wandering around in a chainmail bikini, a fuzzy faux animal skin thong, or any of the other multitudinous bad fashion choices I saw. Please don't think this rant is directed at any particular gender, either. Both sexes are equally as culpable. I have reached my limit on seeing fat guys wander around shirtless in kilts, just like I maxed out on seeing fat girls wearing belly chains and harem pants. Come to think, I really don't care if you're skinny, either. Skinny does not equal well-built or attractive. The general rules of clothing decorum should still be observed at the Ren Fest. All of the usual parts should be covered, okay? Nobody wants to see more of your unattractive self, despite what you may think.

Now that I've vented that particular rant, I'll say we had great fun. Some shopping, much drinking, the eating of the fried foods. All in all a great day. You should go if you're within range.


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