"I Have a Plan": Immediate Reflections on the Debate

I cannot stand John Kerry. That is my primary conclusion from watching the debate tonight. Bill Clinton is a slime, Al Gore is an annoyance; but John Kerry is a pussy-weasel-lying-piece-of crap who should be spewing his useless nonsense from the inside of a padded cell, not on the floor of the Senate, or in a debate for the Presidency.

I mean, at least you know that both Clinton and Gore were void of integrity and principle. Clinton stands for whatever gets him cash or coochie. Gore stands for pretty much nothing except for mental melt downs and flop sweat; but hey, at least it's tangible. Nobody can tell anything with Kerry. Do you have any fucking idea what this doof was on about tonight? I don't.

Ask the man a question and you'll get one of 3 answers.

Answer option 1: I know and talk to a lot of people I think you will think are cool (Michael J. Fox, Christopher Reeve, random military official, mysterious heads of state) because I wield a lot of power and influence,

Answer option 2: Bush has done <fill in the blank blah blah blah> wrong, I would've done it differently/better, and

Answer option 3: "I have a plan".

Number 3 pisses me off the worst. "Warto" used the same phrase over and over on Tuesday while getting his new asshole torn for him by Vice President Cheney, and Herman Munster used it, ad-freaking-nauseum, tonight.

Exactly what is your plan, Senator Kerry? Nobody seems to know. He seems to "have a plan" for every single issue that he perceives is wrong about this nation--and trust me there are many for him, because he hates everything about America--however, he doesn't "plan" to share his "plans", until after elected.

Truth is, if John Kerry actually tells the American public what his "plans" are for a Kerry Presidency, he would not just be beaten silly next month like I believe he already will be, he will get his ass spanked on election day in a way that even "mamma Tuh-ray-za's boy" wouldn't enjoy. Put that ball gag back in your handbag, Teresa, it's not appropriate in front of the heartland of America.

Despite my opinion that Bush came off at times tonight a little defensive, I still believe he tied up this debate. I think the President did everything he needed to do. W stands for "win" tonight. Kerry not only lied with every single word that came out of his scary face, he didn't answer any of the questions, and said nothing with any meaning. In short, Kerry is a disaster: a lying, opportunist name-dropper with nothing to guide him except some blind ambition and a whole lot of mamma's money.

I have a plan: let's send John Kerry straight back to Massachusetts.

Update: Did anybody notice how, after the debate was over, Kerry had some folks standing around politely shaking his hand, smiling, and nodding; while President and Mrs. Bush were being treated like rock stars? People were crowded around the Bushes asking for autographs, pictures, and hugs...I guess meeting a President is a once in a lifetime deal.

I also noticed a "Lewinsky" in the camera shots around Kerry. There was a fair skinned woman with black hair, keeping a small distance of 2-3 people away from him. She had an almost glowing, proud look on her face, with a hint of enamored expectation. Every time Kerry turned certain angles, she got this glowing look and snapped a picture. Anybody know who is the chick?


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