Democrat Party: Your Philosophy Sucks!

"I'd say if you live in the United States of America and you vote for George Bush, you've lost your mind."

--Senator John Edwards (D-Wartworld)

Hmmm...Well here are a few recent stories regarding all of our correct-minded Democrat countrymen…

Story 1: Shots are fired into a Knoxville, TN Bush/Cheney Headquarters.

Story 2: Washington State GOP headquarters broken into and laptops stolen.

Story 3: NBC displays a photo of President Bush next to the words “ILIE”. Remember the "RATS" scandal?

At the outset, I will admit that I am in a cranky mood. I’ve been kind of tired, and I’m having election fatigue. For those of us who follow politics, government, and current events, this time has been exhausting. The Democrat party has successfully expanded the election cycle this full four years, starting with the attempted hijacking of the election process in late 2000, continuing though the “selected not elected” saga, for a war on terror, against a war on terror, and on through an early primary. We didn’t even get a breather between the selection of the Democrat nominee and the convention period, because they just wouldn’t shut the hell up…not for five fuckin’ minutes.

I used to view the Democrat party as a group of well meaning, but incorrect group of folks, who saw a different direction for our country than those of us who tend to vote Republican. However, I have learned something valuable throughout this process; my view was dead wrong. Democrats are crazed, power hungry lunatics. They ignore those who attack us, coddle those who threaten us, and work actively to compromise our national security. They are cold calculating liars. They are void of integrity. They will stop at nothing to get power. If they have to sue for it, so be it. If they have to manipulate the desperate, all the better. Keep people desperate, keep people dependent, keep Democrats in office…that’s all that matters.

Democrats are racists. They’ve lied to a large segment of the black community for half a century to keep them poor, needy, and obedient. For Democrats, blacks must remain on the plantation. For the sake of power, they’ve allowed a few ambitious charlatans to amass great wealth off the toil of gullible people who still think they’re waiting for what is truly an empty promise. Their policies destroy families, perpetuate poverty, and foster criminality. Democrats call this “diversity”.

Democrats hate women. They’ve created a fictitious society where amorality, murder, and self-mutilation are celebrated. A good baby is a dead baby (especially if poor), the children who are lucky enough to get away with their lives are animals to be ranched when convenient, and there are no tough choices in life to be made. If it feels good do it; bear no responsibility. Actions come without consequences and companionship is disposable. To a segment of the Democrat party, men are only rapists, and women who look and behave like whores have a special right to admiration and respect. Democrats call this “empowerment”.

Democrats hate the defenders of our freedom. They use soldiers as pawns, placing them in dangerous situations ill equipped to fight. They protest our military, call our patriots criminals, and spit on these brave warriors returning home from defending us. For eight years a Democrat Commander-in-Chief forbade them to wear their uniforms to their offices. More recently, Democrats have submitted a bill to reintroduce the draft; not for national security reasons (because the military doesn’t want it), but to use it as a tool for blaming Republicans and inspiring fear in young people. All the while they get the added bonus of promulgating a sick lie about class warfare. Democrats call this “patriotism”.

Democrats pit average income earners against higher income earners, black against white, and women against men...for no other reason than they want to have the all money and make all the rules. They honestly think they’re smarter than we are and don’t need to live by the same rules as the rest of us. In their world we should be the serfs and they the masters. Democrats call this “tolerance”.

Democrats want to control the doctors who care for us and control our medical records through nationalized healthcare. They oppose school choice because they must control the teachers who indoctrinate kids with moronic propaganda, keeping future generations dumb enough to be easily controlled while feeling good about it. They hate the new free media because only they should be allowed to provide us with the information they want us to have. Conformity is key and dissention is not tolerated. They want to dictate our needs through government programs, and eliminate our God by suing him out of existence. We are barely good enough to worship at the alter of their immorality, but only if we do it sufficiently reverent, and at an unquestioning distance. Democrats call this “freedom”.

Democrats lie about their agenda when they run for office because the American people won’t vote for the brand of political communism, economic socialism, and personal oppression they truly view as their utopia. The Soviet Union was their model society, and the closet thing they have left is Cuba. The murderer Castro is their hero and in their minds the Soviet system didn’t work, not because it was corrupt and immoral, but because THEY and people like them weren’t running it. If they had the chance, they believe that they’d make it work…at the expense of us all.

Democrats are anti-American and anti-patriotic. There I said it. They’ve accused Republicans of calling them similar terms when I have yet to actually hear anybody use the them except Democrats. I’m not running for anything and I am damned glad to obligingly fill this void that has so needed filling. Notice the words, anti-American and anti-patriotic. I use the prefix “anti” because “un-American” and “un-patriotic” just doesn’t cut it. The “un” implies that they don’t agree with American values and don’t share our patriotism, and that is just inaccurate. They hate us. They hate our patriotism, and they hate America. They want us to fail. They actively stand opposed to the success of this country and will do anything to seize power and forever corrupt our uniquely American way of life. The Democrat ideology is a disease.

I have come to believe over these past four years that if elected, Democrats will destroy our country. They have proven themselves nothing but treacherous and treasonous. My hope is that they will be beaten convincingly enough that they cannot attempt to cheat in the courts, and I hope the defeat will ultimately destroy them. We as Americans have learned since 11 September 2001 that if we don’t destroy our enemies, they will destroy us first. And , the Democrat Party, time and time again, has proven itself America’s enemy.

If all goes well next month, American voters will eradicate this enemy so that we can begin to have some honest discourse about the true issues that complement our American system, not conflict with it. The Democrats have moved way beyond the realm of incapable of honest discourse, and that is why the vast majority of current policy innovation and debate occurs between the conservative right and the libertarian right in this country. This major shift is the only suitable inevitability, because it is at this direction of the political spectrum where the vast majority of Americans are, in terms of opinion and way of life.

With an honest debate, we could again have the healthy two party system we need, but that is a post for another day. I have heard a few young people comment that it doesn’t matter who wins, because not much will change. Let me just say that people who honestly believe that lie are the ones, like Mr. Edwards, who have really lost their minds.


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