That Jackass Ain't Dead Yet?

It appears that old “Ma” Richards is still bitter about getting her ass trounced 10 years ago by George W. Bush. I find it humorous that those who know better somehow still perpetrate the great lie that her defeat in 1994 ruined a shining political future that should’ve never begun in the first place. I guess that is typical Democrat revisionist history for you, give the losers legitimacy, and blind masses will forget they’re failures.

The truth is, that in 1990 Ann Richards would have never won the Texas Governorship the first time but for what is now a little footnote of Texas history known as an idiotic Aggie (I know, redundant) by the name of Clayton Williams. Williams was guilty of gaffing hard about rape being like rain, saying at the time, "as long as it's inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it."

His 20 point lead became a loss, so we got an ignorant whore for a Governor and the Donks got their next political messiah. The problem was that Richards' election was purely anti-Wiliams. Texans honestly hated her because she was an anti-gun nut, and in 1994 would’ve elected ANYTHING in her place. We were fortunate to get George W. Bush, who whooped her ass in debate, just like he did Gore, and will do Kerry tonight.


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