So I'm bored sitting in the office during my lunch hour, doing what all good obsessive bloggers do in their non-blogging net time: checking my referral logs over at Sitemeter. As near as I can tell, a lot of site traffic is driven by the Blogger next button. I check the sites anyway, only to find that a vast number of people blog in a language other than English. Don't they know English is the language of technology and commerce for the 21st century? Get with the program and learn English! Of course, I only say that because I'm lazy and don't have the time to learn another language. When I get time, I'm teaching myself Latin, anyway. I sincerely hope no one is a big enough geek to blog in Latin. I'm not going to google it because I want to maintain that comforting illusion.

All pointless digression aside, I found Brutal Women. Interesting, but mainly of note for a link to a softer world. Joey Comeau and Emily Horne are insane, and I mean that in a good way. I have been browsing the archives, and am amazed. It's like Red Meat, but with pictures. It's a tiny glimpse into a world tantalisingly familiar yet utterly alien. You should be reading it every Friday.


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