Carter for Criminals for Kerry

I am not exactly sure how Jimmy (read “Jimmuh”) Carter transformed himself from pathetic joke to “veteran observer of polls worldwide”, but he’s certainly doing a stellar job of laying the foundation for the hoards of Democrat party lawyers who will flock to the state of Florida in late October, salivating all over the November election results and further insulting their own party officials. I guess anybody with a passport could technically lurk around third world polling places like a pedophile outside the local elementary, but it seems as if most elections where Jimmuh himself is actually “involved” end in a communist, a dictator, or both, ascending his corrupt butt to the seat of power...Coincidence?

Nonetheless, there are two extremely laughable lines from this article to point out. The first is this:

“He accused Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood, a Republican, of trying to get the name of independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader included on the state ballot, knowing he might divert Democrat votes.”

Um…excuse me Jimmuh; did it not occur to you that Mr. Nader himself might have an interest in getting on the ballot? It isn’t like Ms. Hood drew some Captain Random out of a naked crowd and wildly ran to the court to petition for ballot placement. I’m thinking that if she were really trying to place a candidate to draw votes away from Kerry, she probably would’ve come up with somebody who can actually get votes.

Here’s goofy, but more telling, statement #2:

"A fumbling attempt has been made recently to disqualify 22,000 African Americans (likely Democrats), but only 61 Hispanics (likely Republicans), as alleged felons."

Let’s start with the term “alleged felons”. If these folks in question turn out to not be felons, there’s no problem, they vote if they show up, right? If they are felons, and the “alleged” no longer applies, you’re damn skippin’ they shouldn’t be voting. And most states agree too; voting rights are denied to prison inmates in 48 states, parolees in 33 states, and probationers in 29 states. So, why just whine about Florida, hmmm…Jimmuh? I also question the contention of the 61 Hispanics being “likely Republican”, unless I missed the part where the Democrat party has instructed the Hispanic community to visit that same very fiery place they instructed the South to go to some years ago.

On the question of felons voting in general, let’s be intellectually honest. The Dorky Donkey Club, almost completely hijacked by Marxists, is painfully dying. The black vote as a bloc is no longer statistically significant (see previous sentence), further crippled by the approximately 25% of black men who are part of the felon population. Using the benchmarks of criminal statistics; low income, insufficient education, and minority status; statistically felons would naturally vote Democrat, and do, in 65-90% of cases. Thus, it seems to follow that the best chance for a new Donk voting bloc is the convict population. Brace yourself for the “mainstream” press to suddenly trumpet the enfranchisement call for the felon voting population. If you're still watching network news, prepare to feel really dirty.

Now, keep in mind this is the same Democrat party whose lawyers during the 2000 election high fived each other over getting military ballots disqualified. How must it feel to be associated with such a bankrupt ideology that your only hope of winning an election is to deem the voting rights of felons to be more important than the rights of the American soldier?


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