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So I was catching up on my daily Taranto when I noticed an article about a humorous, but bit of subversive leftist bias in my local daily paper, which was not particularly surprising to me given that was the very reason I cancelled my subscription years ago. The story is taken up in detail over at Chronically Biased. Yeah, the Houston Comical is so bad, there is a site that follows daily the tragedy that is the city of Houston’s only daily “news source”.

The fourth largest city in the country has only one daily newspaper, and it is a honkin' piece of crap. The second largest daily publication in town, surprisingly enough is the funrag over at my beloved alma mater. Today the Cougar is running a story they’re calling “Media slacking in reporting, responsibility”. Have a good look at your future reporters, America...it still ain't pretty.

The latest update to the Chronicle story is that the picture file name has been changed to “bushdo.jpg


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I hear ya.

I was watching my simple local news program on Channel 4 here in Detroit. Rarely do they cover politics, so rarely do I get the sense that there is some sort of bias being played through.
But ... the one story they did that day was to discuss John Kerry's response to President Bush's comments to the National Guard.

It went something like this:
...[long spot showing John Kerry Speaking at a campaign stop]...
Broken up in the middle "President Bush said he supports xyz." One sentence, not in Bush's voice, but stated by the reporter.

The amazing part to me was that the Kerry speech was made "in response" to a previous Bush speech. The viewer had *no context* at all except for the one sentence statement made in an almost mocking monotone.

Later in the newscast they played John Kerry appearing on the David Letterman Show. It included several screenshots (no voice) of Kerry smiling and yuk-ing it up with Letterman. Fine. After the clip is over,
the anchorwoman decides to say "Gee. I think he was actually funnier than Letterman." She smiles...uncomfortably...then then finished with "You know. Not as a republican or a democrat thing, just a humor thing."

But that's just it, isn't it? Average Americans look at John Kerry and see him like they saw Al Gore. His whole reason for going on that show was to make it look like he has some personality.
That little spot and comment served to elevate him and make him look like he's a great "funny cool guy". The comment from the anchorwoman afterward confirmed the motive for playing the clip. It was pretty sad.

During the two newscasts, Bush was mentioned once. And actually mocked. Kerry got a full 5-10 minutes of "playback" of his campaign speech and his idiotic appearance on Letterman.

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