Missed Due To Illness

Well, I was sick yesterday, so I missed the final capitulation of Gunga Dan and the House of Murrow. My analysis? If nobody loses a job over the whole thing, it ain't real. Anything less than "leaving to pursue other opportunities" means nothing will change over at CBS. They'll hem and haw and make the obligatory contrite noises and wait for the American public to forget. The public always does, right? Soon the public will forget all about broadcast news and not even remember why they ever paid attention.

I honestly didn't understand much of the outrage, since Dan Blather has played fast and loose with his biases before now. The other outrage is about CBS acting as a donk 527. Gee, there's a shock. Is anybody surprised that a Viacom owned network is shilling for the donks? I'm not,a nd if you'd been paying attention, you wouldn't be either. Were any of you watching in '92 when MTV was doing everything it possibly could to get the under 25 crowd to vote for Clinton? The only thing MTV didn't do was admit it, but the bias was inescapable and pervasive. This election cycle, who's smooching up to donks? Jon Stewart and Dan Rather, or if you prefer, Comedy Central and CBS. Both are, strangely, Viacom properties. People make films about Rupert Murdoch, yet Sumner Redstone is invisible when media manipulation is brought up. I wonder who has a greater aggregate market share? Viacom, or News Corp.? Do the perpetually and professionally indignant get more mad just because of the word "News" in the company name?

As a final note, we still don't know where the documents originated. That's the real smoking gun in this case, and nobody wants to go there. I have a sneaking suspicion the source works for the DNC or the Kerry campaign, but that's just my paranoid sensibilities popping up.


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