So as I mentioned, J and I spent the weekend in New Orleans. We did what we usually do on our trips there. We wandered around the Quarter with drinks in our hands and looked at the variety of odd things. Occasionally, we purchased some of the things. Breaks were taken to eat, and sleep. Hmm. I don't think I should describe the eating as a "break". The eating is one of the primary reasons for going. New Orleans has more great restaurants per capita than any other place I've been. If I lived there, I would weigh a few hundred more pounds than I do.

Current events may render the following advice useless. However, I continue to hope that the hurricane will not turn New Orleans into a very dirty, obstacle-strewn lake. If Ivan passes by, you might need some restaurant advice. So I present to you my short attention span restaurant reviews, designed for people who want a yes or no answer.

Verdict: Go and Pig Out.
Pros: Delicious Food. Best Turtle Soup in the city.
Cons: Expensive. Sometimes impossible to get in.

Verdict: Yes, indeed.
Pros: Great food. The roasted garlic-reggiano bisque is astounding. Emeril can actually cook. Who knew?
Cons: Popular. Expensive.

Verdict: Go
Pros: Shrimp Arnaud and Potatoes Soufflé. Classic creole cuisine in a fine dining atmosphere.
Cons: You need to dress. Expensive.
(Full disclosure: we got married at Arnaud's, so I have a sentimental attachment to the place.)

Verdict: Skip It
Pros: Great location and good people watching if you get a window seat.
Cons: Mediocre food for the money. Strange waitstaff.

Verdict: If You Don't Already Know, Don't Bother
Pros: It's Krystal: little square hamburgers from my childhood.
Cons: It's Krystal: little square hamburgers. Fast food in New Orleans? Why?

Hopefully this will give you some idea of where to eat in New Orleans if it all doesn't blow away.


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