Horse Still Dead, Beatings Continue

J sent me a link to a fascinating article. I seem to recall reading this shortly after it came out, but my memory is flawed on the best of days. However, it's good reading and should be brought up again since John Kerry wants to be President. The short summation: John Kerry did his best to cover up the POW/MIA issue when he was supposed to be investigating it. That's a good way to show support for your fellow veterans, isn't it? When you're not busy accusing them of war crimes, that is. After all, I need more reasons to vote against Kerry because the ones I already have are insufficient.

As far as I'm concerned, the abandonment of American forces at the end of the Viet Nam war is one of the most shameful things the federal government has ever done. When you ask someone to go into harm's way on your behalf, you owe them an honest effort to get them back. Instead, the US sent people off to a foreign land to kill and die and walked away when it became politically inexpedient to try to retrieve them. I place the blame equally on both political parties, because everyone was more interested at the time in closing down the war and getting the hell out. Nobody was interested in nagging, inconvenient questions like 'Have we accounted for all of our troops?' Instead, the government concluded an agreement with the communists and wrote off a bunch of guys and left them to rot in communist prison camps. Nice to see that loyalty thing is reciprocal for all us troops, huh?


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