Good Start

Well, football started over the holiday weekend. My team performed pretty well, beating poor hapless UNT by 65 points. I sure hope the athletic department at UNT appreciates the ass-whuppin' their kids took in order for UNT to garner some additional revenue. Did anyone seriously expect Texas to lose to North Texas? It's neat that the 'Horns can beat the second string, but that doesn't really matter.

What matters this season? Oklahoma. We are rapidly reaching the point where Mack Brown has to beat Oklahoma to keep his job. I have long held the contention that to keep your job as head football coach at the University of Texas, you have to do three things.
  1. Go to a bowl game.
  2. Beat A&M.
  3. Beat Oklahoma.
If you can do these things consistently, you'll keep your job at Texas. The bowl game is almost a forgone conclusion these days, so that might need some revision. There's about 25 bowl games nowadays. There's just over a hundred Division 1-A teams. Half of Division 1-A goes to a bowl game. I think the Longhorn Foundation membership wants a major bowl game, not the Who Cares Bowl. Given how mediocre A&M has been the last few years, that one isn't much of a challenge either. What's left? Beating Oklahoma. The clock is ticking for Coach Brown at this point.


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