Really Old School

Once again, we're moving up to that time of year where J and I go out to the wilderness and wander around drinking overpriced beverages and eating fried foods. Yes, I refer to our annual trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival. This is as wilderness as the two of us get. I always enjoy the wandering around, mocking of people, shopping, and eating of many fried foods. On sticks. Did I mention that many of the foods come on sticks? And are fried? It's an essential part of the experience in my view. As is the beer. Last year they had a new item. Instead of just regular old sausage-on-a-stick, they dipped the whole thing in a light batter and deep fried it. Now that's good eatin'! I'm just disappointed that I still have a month to wait. I may batter fry sausages tonight. We have some garlic smoked sausage in the freezer and some beer that is too crappy to drink but will make great beer batter. Mmm. Batter fried sausage.

We also, strangely, have to shop for clothes this year. Some friends are getting married on Halloween. They are requesting that attendees come in "period or ethnic" costume. Since we don't keep a wide variety of that around the house, we figured we would look while festing. That will also give us something to wear to the Festival in the future. I am looking forward to the wedding, just to see what amazing and horrifying costumes appear.


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