Notes from Day 3

Well given that I have already heard almost all of my opinions on last night’s speeches covered either in print, on TV, or on radio—and it isn’t even noon—I’m not going to go to the trouble to go through everything today. Let me just say that Zell Miller was ON FIRE, and Dick Cheney, as always, is THE MAN.

Today, this is the real story. Drudge has printed last night’s convention numbers, in millions, for the 10-11p time slot, I am honestly shocked.

Fox News -- 5.2
NBC -- 5.1
CBS -- 4.4
ABC -- 4.3
MSNBC -- 1.6
CNN -- 1.5

If this isn’t a huge "eff-ewe" to the mainstream press, I don’t know what else could possibly be. I can’t say what has me more excited and optimistic today, Zell Miller, Dick Cheney, or these numbers. WOO freakin’ HOO!!!

Way to go to the folks at Fox News. I’m still watching the CSPAN coverage and I’ll catch them after the speeches are over.


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