Contrast and Compare

Just as an exercise for the reader, I'd like y'all to examine two different sets of testimony about what the US military did during Viet Nam. First off is this statement, duly recorded before Congress in 1971.
They told the stories at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, tape wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the country side of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.

I think we all know who made that statement by this point. Now go and read this, then tell me why John Kerry deserves to be Commander in Chief.


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