Preaching To The Choir, Part II

Now that the RNC is done, I'll move forward with my thoughts on who's getting my vote for president. I'd love to be able to cast a vote for Michael Badnarik. I really would. On just about every issue, I agree with him more than I agree with George Bush. The one big issue where I disagree is national security. Right now, that is the issue that kills the Libertarian Party dead for me. The neo-isolationist bullshit that the LP has been peddling since 9/11 is just not going to cut it.

Badnarik is still spouting the "we brought this on ourselves" crap that just gives me the hives. Even if it's true, which I don't think it is, it no longer matters. Pulling back from all overseas engagements is not going to address the problems. We're past that point now. A withdrawal will not accomplish anything but make the US appear weak and invite further terrorist attacks. I think the invasion of Iraq was a necessary attempt to transform the Middle East and promote democracy. I'm not optimistic enough to be sure it will work, but I think we had to try. Badnarik and the LP don't have any real proposals to solve the problem of a large group of fanatics wanting to kill us all. I can't vote for him for that simple reason.


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