J and I spent the weekend in New Orleans, so posting has been light. I will get around to some details of our trip over the next few days. It appears we left the city at just the right time. Paul at Wizbang! lives in New Orleans, and is understandably concerned with the path of the hurricane.

My mother-in-law has lived in both the Florida Keys and New Orleans, and sat out hurricanes in both locations. I mentioned I'd rather be in NOLA than the Keys. She disagreed, for many of the same reasons Paul mentioned. The city is a bowl that lies under water. Once the water gets in, there's no place for it to go. I realize the hurricane is going to hammer someone. I really hope it's not New Orleans, for many completely selfish and one altruistic reason. The selfish reasons aren't germane, but the altruistic one is: The death toll if this storm lays the smackdown on NOLA is going to be a lot higher than if it hits anywhere else. I am simply crossing my fingers and hoping it deviates to somewhere else.


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