Blog It Your Damn Self

Orin Kerr's snide commentary about how the blog coverage of Rathergate is getting to be too much for his refined sensibilities kind of irked me. There's a really simple answer to the issue. Mr. Kerr needs to blog about something else entirely, and let everybody else blog about what they choose. Do you think there's too much blog coverage of something? Don't blog about it. That's the alpha and omega of the issue. Mr. Kerr can and should feel free to blog whatever the hell he wants, but trying to advise the rest of the world what they should be blogging is more than a wee bit presumptuous. Maybe I'm confused, but I thought the idea of blogging was so that people could write about what they found interesting or important. The corollary is the vast galaxy of choices made might not be in accordance with Mr. Kerr's desires.

Alternatively, he could find some blogs out there that aren't blogging about it. Technorati tracks just under 4 million blogs. Surely someone is discussing the other issues so dear to Mr. Kerr's tender heart. There's a handy button up at the top right hand corner of this blog that might help him out.

Side note: I had to teach Blogger's spellcheck the following: blogging, blogs. WTF?


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