The UN causes a French boycott

Just another damned reason to despise the UN.

I just heard a statistic, and I’m not verifying whether it is true, because I’m feeling too lazy to care right now. But the comment was made that what the US gives to the UN costs every man, woman, and child in this country $10 each per quarter. Would anybody mind if I put my $10 this quarter to better use, like maybe for a box of moon pies and some Diet RC colas?

Hell, $40 per year buys me a couple of bottles of decent Bordeaux, or a nice bottle of Champagne. So see, the UN is causing me to boycott the French. And don’t give me the “you should boycott French wine” crap. It is the best shit in the world and I’m not putting some American trucker out of work to prove a point about the wonders of capitalism to some socialist, froggie weiner named Jacques. You want to boycott France? Don’t go.


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