See BS Forge, See Me Snore

So, I’m scanning the Web briefly today and still the big “news” is Dan Blather and the CBS fraudulent documents. I have read particulars regarding why they’re forged, what’s going on at CBS now, and allegations of coordination between CBS and the DNC/Kerry campaign. I’m sure you’ve read it all too. So, who fuckin’ cares?

It is not news that the leadership of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, NPR and all their partners/affiliates are biased leftists with a special hatred of President Bush and conservative thought. It is also not news that the entire left wing has gone bonkers because they can’t seem to figure out why the average American genuinely likes our President. We know that over 80% of journalists are to the left on the political spectrum of even the activists on the floor of the Donk Convention, so they’re especially hateful and bonkers. We know that they have proven themselves over and over again willing to do anything it takes to embarrass anyone not in lock step agreement with them. I guess that the smidgeon of news involved with this story is that this time they were actually exposed. Power to the people there...good on ya...now let’s move on already.

Move on, you say? But this is HUGE!!!! Yeah it is, and so what; it doesn’t stop the fact that terrorists are still trying to kill us, blowing up our soldiers and beheading brave civillians. People are petitioning for the resignation of some range of 1-5 CBS news officials. Folks, it ain’t gonna happen. Now, I might not be surprised if somebody lets Mary Mapes take the fall, or maybe even if sometime between Thanksgiving and New Years, CBS announces Dan Blather’s ”retirement”, but that is about as far as any of it will ever go.

Here’s the truth. Most of us who are truly engaged in “the process” and really pay attention...we turned off the major networks years ago. Those who do still watch do so for a purpose, and whatever that purpose may be, they go in knowing the left bias involved. And I don’t overlook those leftists who will try and scream with a straight face that the majors are biased against the left, but nobody cares about an imbecilic leftist because they’re all intellectually dishonest. Any news station whose idea of a Republican is John McCain, Lincoln Chafee, Susan Collins, or Olympia Snowe can’t possibly be taken seriously as a right-leaning, or even remotely balanced, news outlet.

The generally disconnected American public is forgiving and forgetful. Jayson Blair didn’t end the New York Times, because Americans eventually forgot. And even though so many of us already know that you can get more facts out of the Weekly World News than you can the New York Times, the bloated masses still drool over the “addled gray whore” like it is some kind of journalistic bible. Those who still trust the major television news outlets to be fair are so far removed from reality, they’re barely competent to hold jobs. If they’re not paying enough attention to know that most news outlets lie, they’ll probably also forget to show up to vote. Never mind, they aren’t even registered. They don’t make a difference. They’re not supposed to. Thank GOD.

CBS will have their “independent investigations” and like every single item in the news, this too shall pass. The horse is dead, quit beating it. If you want to make a difference, turn off the majors.


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