Bad Kitty

Well, glad to see someone realizes Yousef Islam already did most of the damage he was capable of doing. The last time I can consciously recall paying attention to his music was when a friend loaned me a copy of Harold & Maude and raved about what a wonderful movie it was. I watched and thought the title song was absolutely atrocious. That was around 1986, so he's been irrelevant for a loooong time now. Covers of your craptacular excrescences by no-talent hacks like Natalie Merchant and Maxi Priest don't help your staying power either.

I do remember him coming out and saying Salman Rushdie should be killed for writing a book. Nice religion you picked, Yousef. I can't reconcile that with your previous incarnation as "wuss with guitar", but I'm just a simple guy. Take your terrorist-supporting ass back to England and write a nice tune about how much you and your murdering co-religionists suck. Or would that put you on the list of infidels to be killed?


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