Censorship Is Alive And Well

Jonathan Rauch has a column on some of the predictable effects of the flaming bag of turds that goes by the name of McCain-Feingold. I would like to think the irony of the federal government deciding what's appropriate to say in an election for the said government is not lost on anyone. I personally am opposed to amending any portion of that pernicious abomination, but that's just because I think it should be repealed in it's entirety. Once that's accomplished, John McCain and Russ Feingold should be made to understand the 1st Amendment by any means possible.

I'll also reiterate my advice to buy Mr. Rauch's book Kindly Inquisitors if you are at all concerned with free speech issues. It is a serious, well-reasoned discourse on the vital importance of unfettered speech in preserving and advancing liberty, science, democracy, and other important things.


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