Good Luck

So some schmoe wrote a rebuttal to the WaPo article on how to self-publish. The comedy comes in when he mentions that he works as an editor, freelancing on Craig's List.
I'll leave aside, for now, the massive difference between editing as it actually exists and editing as the average craigslister conceives of it, which involves "checking for typos." Or, to speak the native language of CL, "typo's." That ' isn't an apsotrophe, it's a glottal click.

Yes, I added the emphasis on 'apsotrophe'. I guess with his editing, you don't get the "checking for typos" service that I always felt was a central component of editing. Good luck getting those editing gigs, monkey boy. Don't quit the day job.

In a somewhat related tangent, here are some helpful rules for apostrophes, provided by Bob the Angry Flower. Bob used to be much funnier, until his creator became overtly and obnoxiously Canadian. That sounds odd, doesn't it? His creator, Stephen Notley, was always a flip-top. But at some point in the last couple of years, he became one of the obnoxious Canadians. You know, US bad, UN good, all evil in the world derives from the US, Kofi Annan isn't a corrupt thief, socialized medicine is a substitute for national identity, &c, &c. Generally speaking, artists in general should keep their ideology out of their art. Most people make the mistake of putting the ideology first and the art second. The art then tends to suck. Passionately held beliefs make for bad art, kids. Remember: art first, ideology second. Exceptions can be found, but unless you are a world-class talent, (and few people are, myself included), don't risk it. For a further example of the phenomenon, I suggest reading this.


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