Debate the First

J has given the overall rundown for YPS, so I'm going to focus on two things Senator Kerry said. These are the two that stand out the most for me. First off is the flaming middle of finger of love he shot the rest of the Anglosphere:

Secondly, when we went in, there were three countries: Great Britain, Australia and the United States. That's not a grand coalition. We can do better.

WOW. What a big fuck you to some of the most loyal allies we have. Plus, it's completely wrong. We really can't do better than the Aussies and the Brits. Name to me another country besides those two that have troops worth a damn. Like the French Foreign Legion would've made a difference? Please. Peddle that BS to someone else. We had the best troops in the world going into Iraq. All anybody else could have offered us was quantity.

In quantity terms, the other countries with significant militaries are either untrustworthy (China, North Korea), are not going to work against their vested interests (France, Germany, Russia, Turkey), or simply unwilling for internal political reasons (India, South Korea). Have I missed anybody? Now explain to me how John Kerry is going to get any of these countries on board. Since the answer is 'he can't', how can we do better?

The next one is the most rampantly insane thing I have heard from a presidential candidate in my life. Admittedly, I wasn't paying much attention to Moonbat Mondale, so he may have spouted something more egregiously nuts, but I doubt it. With reference to Iran:

I think the United States should have offered the opportunity to provide the nuclear fuel, test them, see whether or not they were actually looking for it for peaceful purposes. If they weren't willing to work a deal, then we could have put sanctions together. The president did nothing.

We should give Iranians nuclear fuel? So when somebody says they want to kill you, you should buy them a gun? Is that the logic here? You are completely out of your goddamned mind. You have no business being in the United States Senate if your head is that far up your fourth point, much less President. STFU and get off the stage.


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