Excuse Me?

Howell Raines apparently hasn't faded into the obscurity he so richly deserves. Some fool at the St. Petersburg Times gave him a forum to voice his addled opinion on "Political Thuggery" yesterday. I'd fisk the whole article, but why? He's so desperately and pathetically trying to cling to some shred of relevance that it's almost painful. I just want to point out one section.

In its most triumphant period, the American press invented the postwar model of journalism that sought to be both fair and analytical and that was admired globally throughout the last half of the 20th century. Fox - and its enablers on the comedy news shows and among neoconservative intellectuals - have destroyed public trust in that traditional model.

Yeah, that's it, Howie. It was Fox and Jon Stewart and those dastardly neoconservative intellectuals destroying the public's trust in journalism. It didn't have anything to do with the abandonment of standards for political correctness or letting your ideology influence your news reporting. Nossiree! All of your failings are the fault of someone else, aren't they?

Can he possibly believe this crap? I guess getting fired did nothing to sharpen his critical faculties.


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