I Don't Think So

My alumni association sends me e-mail telling me about events around town. I don't ever go, because I'm anti-social and hate people, but sometimes they have amusing tidbits. One time they wanted me to pay 20 bucks to hear J's boss natter about something. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy, but 20 bucks? I'll just go over to J's office and he'll bend my ear for free. Her office got a pretty good chuckle out of that one, too.

Anyhow, every year there's a joint happy hour for charity before we beat A&M at football. This year the event coordinator is being all plaintive and crap. Please show up! Last year 650 Aggies showed up and only 50 of us! Well, I'm sure that's partially due to the fact that Aggies have to drink more to endure the pain of having a crappy football team.

However, speaking personally, I can think of very little I want less than to be in a bar with 650 Aggies. My appreciation for diversity doesn't extend quite that far.


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