Memo to Internationalists

I think this is one the better messages to Europe (and really the American left) I've read lately. Unfortunately, I think we're too late. Much of the world and the roughly 48% of the imbecilic American trash who voted for Donks hate what America stands for, so they're left still whining about the election results.

Here's what all of you, America haters domestic and foreign, don't seem to understand. We could give two shits what any of you think of those of us who support our President. In the same style that Chirac, Schroeder, and Zapatero won re-election based on their rampant anti-Americanism, we, the majority of Americans, will continue to elect leaders who represent our views...without much regard to your useless opinions.

As you attempt to serve the interests of your country of origin abroad or your personal agenda here at home, we know that you aren't looking out for America's best interests, and we know it is our job to do just that. We understand that you want us to become as weak, vacuous, and lazy as you have become, and we won't. Feel free to whine and scream and project your perception of our hate and stupidity. Flap on about our lack of diversity and intolerance. Oh, and don't forget to pay an extra visit your sham-artist psychotherapist, or artificially medicate yourself a better perspective. We will continue to ignore you and go about our lives.

Our ideas...conservative ideas...every time they're honestly articulated...will carry the day with the average American. These are the principles by which we live our lives. These principles work every time they're implemented, and will continue to do so, despite your grand, failed idea of utopia. So to all of you...the frivolous fashion followers, celebrity worshippers, and self proclaimed intellectuals on the West Coast and in Northeast can say whatever the hell you want for as long as you want. We know you're out there, but we're not really listening to you. We're busy. We're out working for a living and taking care of our families. And you know what? There are more of us than there are of you...here in America...where it counts.


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