Smackdown Justly Applied

I‘m always amused when people try to use ideology to justify their own behavior. I have a friend who is quasi-socialist, and I remain convinced he holds his strange ideology because it justifies his laziness and unwillingness to work.

Neal Boortz is trying to use ideology to explain the moral rightness of harassing smokers. Fortunately for me, as I’m lazy and feel no need to justify it, InstaPunk has laid the smackdown right across the top of Neal’s shiny bald head.
Only hypocrite libertarians commit the sin of arguing for the institutional enforcement of their own prejudices via mechanisms created by a welfare-state bureaucracy they elsewhere deplore.
Ouch. Target, cease fire.


Blogger The Chain Gang said...

Thanks for noticing. You are the one blogger that picked this post up -- congratulations. I guess the other BIG BIG BIG bloggers didn't want to get in the cross-fire -- wimps.

Thanks again.

7:31 AM  

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