The Rice Circus

The Democrat party is doing their very best to prove to the American public that they've learned their lesson from this last election and intend to put the good of the country before the good of their power, oh except they're not. I must admit though they've started President Bush's new term off right by enlisting Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Complete Whackjob) and former KKK Kleagle Senator Robert Byrd (D-White Nigger) to make giant asses of themselves by delaying the inevitable confirmation of one of the most talented and intelligent women to ever serve in government...just because she happens to be black.

All that is missing is Howard Dean's election as chairman of the DNC.


Update: I just found this and it made my day.


Blogger Jess said...

I think I would find your commentary on current governmental transgressions much more insightful and helpful--especially since I do not share you political viewpoints--if you refrained from using such offensive language to describe those people that you do not like (i.e. Democrats). I linked to you because I find it fascinating that we can disagree so completely about, well, pretty much everything.

Did this post really tick me off? Yes. The insinuation that the Democratic Party would block Rice's confirmation simply because she's a black woman: I find that a bit ludicrous. Plus, I seriously do not think that Rice is the most intelligent woman to ever serve in government. That's a completely subjective element of this discussion, though, isn't it?

I don't tend to write much about politics, so I doubt that you will find my blog interesting other than to dissect my apparent lack of educated grammar usage when I make the inevitable typos. However, I do wish you the best in the defense of the current elected officials. I'm sure there will be a number of us less savvy in the political arena who will need your guidance. Good luck.

8:52 AM  
Blogger T said...

I may just be guessing here, but it appears that you've missed one important point about YPS: there are two of us. I only mention this because it doesn't seem quite fair to J to reference comments I made on your blog. She is most likely unaware of them. We are, despite what some might think, two different people. That's why Blogger identifies the posts by author.

As far as being offensive goes, I'm assuming you're referring to the "D- White Nigger" tag J hung on crazy old racist Robert Byrd. The charming former KKK senator from West Virginia made the statement once that "There are white niggers. I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time; I'm going to use that word." Lest you think I'm dredging up ancient history, that was in May of 2001. Yeah, he's really moved past the KKK days, hasn't he? That's the current elder statesman for the donks of the new millennium: a moonbat racist. Nice party. Somehow, I don't think I'll be joining anytime soon. The primary reason for opposing Dr. Rice may not be racism, but when Robert Bryd feels it necessary to open his mouth, racism is sure as hell making an appearance. If you think I'm wrong, explain his opposition to the following without reference to racism: the Civil Rights Act, Clarence Thomas, Thurgood Marshall, and Dr. Rice. I can't do it, and I won't try.

J also didn't say Dr. Rice was the most intelligent woman to ever serve in government. There's an important qualifier of "one of the" in that sentence. Opinions may vary about the exact order, but since few women have served at the higher levels of government, I am fairly confident Dr. Rice is pretty high on the list. I can recall few others that held doctorates or ran major universities, which are fairly significant achievements based more on merit than popular appeal. Dr. Rice is also vastly more qualified than the last woman to hold the office. Madeleine Albright had as much business being Secretary of State as my dog does.

Finally, the whole point of jumping on people with both feet about typos is contrary to yours. They are not inevitable. That's the whole point. Proofread and spellcheck. If you don't care about your writing, why should anyone else?

2:03 PM  
Blogger Jess said...

Fair enough.

You do raise a valid point about the typos. To be taken seriously, one must attempt to be as thorough as possible in one's writing.

I say, we agree to disagree. As is best. We both have our very own, and very different, opinions.

I still think Darth Tator is funny as hell. So, thank you for that.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Jess said...

Tater. Darth Tater. For Pete's sake. I'm in a typo sort of mood this week. :)

3:51 PM  

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